my mom doesn’t even text me back

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Liam Payne meme; Favourite Relationships - Liam and fans

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if i was justin i wouldn’t let selena go either


i see no difference

I mean, it was just o n e kiss but…We can’t go there, Tyler.


The Vampire Diaries 6x04 Webclip - Black Hole Sun [HD] 

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An evolution of my shipping

In the beginning: aww they're cute I bet they'd be good together
2 months later: omg they're so cute why don't you guys kiss already
4 months later: I didn't fucking ask for this dammit. I don't want to care this much
6 months later: Did you fucking see that do you see the way their shoulders brush when they touch, do you see the way they breathe in sync. GIVE ME ALL THE META ON THEIR SHIRTS MATCHING!!Did you see them cough at the same time? Yeah bitch that's how you OTP YOUR OTP COULD NEVER!!
8 months later: *guzzling bottles of alcohol* I'm trash I'm fucking shipper trash. I don't even care, at this point I exist on an alternate plane where my spirit is aligned with theirs... *sobs quietly* endgame bitches *throws middle fingers in the air*


his fucking hand though

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